Titania and PuckQ: I see your initials are BSF. Are you the same company that performed Shakespeare previously at Evergreen and St. Mary’s?

A: You are thinking of The Baltimore Shakespeare FESTIVAL. They served the community well for over a decade in the venues we now use. They announced their closure in April of 2011. Our company is not affiliated with the Festival (although we welcome any who were, or were just fans, to correspond with us about keeping Shakespeare alive and well for Baltimore residents of all ages.)

Q: What is The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory’s performance philosophy?

A: Our Artistic Director, Tom Delise, is a long time devotee of The American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, VA. (You will notice many of the staff from ASC serve on our Advisory Board.) Our company uses Shakespeare’s Staging Conditions (i.e. we do it with the lights on) for EVERY production we present. We feel this illuminates Shakespeare’s works in new and engaging ways for audiences of all ages. If you attend one of our shows chances are a
performer will make eye and perhaps physical contact with you! We invite you to be in a play, not at a play. We also make our performers complete extensive text work prior to rehearsals so that audiences can hear and understand Shakespeare’s beautiful language and wacky humor!

Q: Where exactly did you come from?

A: Our Company began as an educational outreach program for high school, and then elementary/middle school students in Carroll County in 2005. We formed an adult troupe of Baltimore and DC performers in 2007 and began touring Baltimore City.

Q: Where in Baltimore have you performed and where are you now?

A: We began touring as The Shakespeare Factory in 2007. We performed at: Patterson, Federal Hill, Wyman, and Sumpter Parks, and at Emmanuel Episcopal and St. Paul’s Episcopal Churches. We have also toured to various city locations for private performances. In the fall of 2011 we contracted to perform and host a camp for children grades 3-10 at The Meadow, Evergreen Museum and Library, and we have recently partnered with the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland to be the resident troupe at St. Mary’s Outreach Center.

Q: How can I keep track of all your programming?

A: Please friend us on Facebook (Shakespeare Factory) OR follow us on Twitter (@Shspfactory) OR send an e-mail requesting to join our mailing list to info@theshakespearefactory.com