About the Factory

Uncommon Shakespeare for the Common Man

The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory (BSF) is dedicated to bringing the works of William Shakespeare to life for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. In Shakespeare’s time (1564-1616), the theater was accessible to everyone, and The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory prides itself on continuing that tradition by presenting professional quality work at affordable prices.

BSF productions bring Shakespeare’s works to life in a way that is accessible to modern audiences without compromising the cornerstone of their artistic and literary merit—Shakespeare’s original language. BSF is built on a love of language, and productions are designed to not only help audiences understand Shakespeare’s words, but to love them, too.

Shakespeare as He’s Meant to Be Seen

BSF productions reproduce the staging conditions that Shakespeare used to produce his plays on the Elizabethan stages of the 1590s. Productions use universal lighting, allowing the actors to see and interact with the audience. Just as Shakespeare’s actors would have entertained audiences with the songs of the day, BSF actors perform modern music (thematically related to the show) prior to the show and during intermission. BSF also makes liberal use of cross-gender casting as a nod to the conventions of the Elizabethan stage—since women weren’t allowed to perform in Shakespeare’s time, all his female roles were originally played by boys. Productions regularly feature women playing the parts of men and men playing the parts of women.

Charm City’s Hometown Shakespeare

After spending several years as a touring company without a permanent venue, The Shakespeare Factory is now proud to be at home in Baltimore producing five shows a season. BSF also actively partners with local businesses. Adoptable dogs from the Baltimore Humane Society are featured in each show (City Paper recognized BSF’s use of adoptable animals in its 2012 Best of Baltimore issue); local wine and beer are served at every show. BSF also continues to expand its outreach into the community, offering programs in local schools and libraries, as well as extensive summer camp programs for local elementary, middle, and high school students. The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and a member of the Shakespeare Theatre Association and the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance.

The Shakespeare Factory is a member fund of The Community Foundation of Carroll County, and a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.